Jodhpur Trousers

1902, Tan, Cotton - sizes 30-48, even sizes, run small, worn with belt





Tan Canvas High Leggings

Spanish American War 1890, measure thickest part of calf for size-12”-13”-14”-15”-16”-17”-18”-20”

US Army 1902-1916

Wild Bunch, tan cotton, 2 pocket, placket front, sizes S-XXXXL



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Magazine Pouch

Spanish American War 1902-1916



Canvas Dual Mag Pouch

Spanish American War 1902-1916









Wild Bunch Holster

RH, US marked, tan leather, for 1911 .45ACP Colt




1904 Garrison Belt

Spoon and wreath US Buckle, dark brown or light brown.


Pre WWI Webbed Pistol Belt

Adjustable from 25” to 50” waist size


Tan Webbed Belt

For Jodphur trousers, 2 sizes; regular or x-large.

1904 Bandelero

For 1903 or 1911 magazines

Webbed Clip Belt

Wild Bunch ammo belt


Wild Bunch Campaign Hat

1902-1916, Olive Drab

USMC Holster

RH, USMC marked

Shoulder Holster

RH, US marked

US Stamped

RH, US marked, dark brown leather