United States Marine Corp

1887 Carbine Boot

Brass throated for Springfield .45-70, USMC marked





1902 Cavalry Swivel Holster

For Colt semi-automatic pistol, USMC marked

Cavalry Canteen Strap

1902, USMC marked



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Canvas Dual Mag Pouch

Spanish American War 1902-1916






1872 McKeever

.45-70 Cartridge box, USMC marked



1887 Large Haversack

Infantry, with leather strap, USMC marked


Tan Webbed Belt

For Jodphur trousers, 2 sizes; regular or x-large.

USMC Holster

RH reverse, USMC marked

1874 Dyer Box

Holds 40 rounds, loose .45-70 ammo, USMC marked


Indian War Infantry or Calvary  with straps, USMC marked



1887 Saddlebag

Faithful reproduction USMC Cavalry saddlebag, comes in russet



USMC Saddle Cloth

Tan canvas & leather saddle cloth, with USMC insignia





1887 Experimental Bag

Reproduction USMC canvas and leather bag