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Wells Fargo Detective: A Biography of James B. Hume

-By Richard Dillon

-Very good hardcover

-With dust jacket, 320 pages



Lincoln in Photographs An Album of Every Known Pose

-By Charles Hamilton

-Good Softcover, Original Production

-Slight tares, dust jacket, 421 pages



Confederate Revolvers

-By Gary

-No dust jacket, Original Production

-Fine 1987 1st Edition,  175 pages



Dance and Bothers Texas Gunmakers of the Confederacy

-By Gary Wiggins

-Very good hardcover

-1st edition 1986, 151 pages



Confederate Belt Buckles and Plates

-By Steve Mullinax

-Dust jacket, Original Production

-Fine 1st edition 1991



The Illustrated History of  American Civil War Relics

-By Stephen W. Sylvia & Michael J. O’Donnell

-Fine hardcover with dust jacket

-1992, 319 pages



Plates and Buckles of the American Military 1795-1874

-By Sydney C. Kerksis

-Very good hardcover, no dust jacket

-1991, 568 pages

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Scouting with the Buffalo Soldiers

-By John P Langellier

-Signed by Author