Walker Civilian

Civilian model, RH or LH butt back, black or tan



Walker Flap

Arsenal marked, black or tan, military twist reverse, RH or LH butt forward



Artillery 5 1/2

Tan or Black leather



1917 Colt .45 LC DA

Tan or Black leather



Forsythe Early Colt 1873

I.W. RH or LH



I.W. Flap

Later 1880’s US emblem 2 holes to accommodate Colt or Schofield, butt forward, RH or LH, 7-1/2 inch



LeMat Flap

RH reverse, CS marked or plain, available in Black or Brown leather



We have only the finest holsters made of top quality leather with perfect fit, form, and function.  If you can’t find what you need, send us a detailed email at:  cooncreekoldwest@aol.com

Ropes Civilian

Later 1880’s, accommodates Colt, up to 7 1/2” SA & 1877 DA Colt, wide throat


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USMC Holster

RH, USMC marked



Shoulder Holster

RH, US marked



US Stamped

RH, US marked, dark brown leather



Forsythe Holster & Cartridge Box Combo

Holster and ammo box combination package



Wild Bunch Holster

RH, US marked, tan leather, for 1911 .45ACP Colt





1902 Cavalry Swivel Holster

For Colt semi-automatic pistol, USMC marked

1896 US Holster

.38 cal Double action Colt

available in Russet or Black



Currently Unavailable

CW Early IW Flap

Flap with secure strap for .38 cal & .44 cal revolvers 8 inch barrel or shorter