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As of April 2018, there will begin appearing on these pages, a closeout of books and magazines.  Most of the books will be History.  There are other categories as well including Biography, Film Noir, Film Personalities, Radio, TV, Crime & Detection, Notable Crime Cases, Organized Crime, and others to follow.

A note about shipping: We use the U.S. Postal Service exclusively.  When buying a book or a few, we would routinely use Priority Mail or 1st Class.  When buying multiples of books, postage can get to be expensive considering the weight.  MEDIA MAIL is the most inexpensive way to ship books.  It approximates 60 cents a pound, for example; a 50lb box of books from Tucson, AZ to New York, NY would be around $30 whereas Priority Mail would be around $100.

U.S. Postal Service rules on MEDIA MAIL:

  1. 1)   Books can only be shipped by Media Mail

  2. 2)The parcels are subject to inspection

  3. 3)No other type of item can be included

  4. 4)Comic books are not allowed

  5. 5)The size of the parcel and the weight determine postage for MEDIA MAIL

  6. 6)The limit for an individual parcel is 70lbs

  7. 7)This applies to mainland USA not used in foreign countries

  8. 8)It takes 2 to 14 days depending on distance

  9. 9)We will ship this way-MEDIA-on large orders unless you specify a quicker or more expensive method

  10. 10)There are NO returns on books

Many of the books will be current release, others could be up to 50 years old.  100’s will be rare or out of print or both.  On current release books, we will generally be offering, pricing less than retail, in many cases, well below retail.  For rare and out of print books, we will try to keep prices competitive.

If you would like to use MEDIA MAIL when buying books, please advise us and we will change the more expensive shipping rates that will appear on the order, to the less expensive way.

Sincerely, Coon Creek