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Officer’s Dress Belt

Gold lace on black leather include; 2nd Lt, Lt, Captain, Major, Lt Colonel, Colonel, and General.







Sabre Straps

Matching leather to officer’s dress belt.

Sam Browne Shoulder Straps

Matching leather to officer’s dress belt.



US M-1874 Haversack, Cavalry

Canvas with leather strap




Plain military, sizes S-M-L-XL-XXL-XXXL-XXXXL...runs small in comparison  to regular US sizing





Enlisted Breast Cords

Wool, for dress helmets, Yellow cavalry, Red artillery, and Black signal corp.





Indian Wars Kepi Cord

Thick or thin






Regulation wool, various colors





Officer’s Embroidered Silk Sash

Various divisions and colors

Silk Sashes

Silk, various colors




Available in white canvas only



Tan Canvas High Leggings

Spanish American War 1890, measure thickest part of calf for size-12”-13”-14”-15”-16”-17”-18”-20”





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1881 Eagle Helmet Plate

Brass reproduction, US Army

Various Buckles




Service and War Campaign Stripes

Indian Wars, sold in pairs

Sgt. York Suspenders

Worn by Capt. York in “Rio Grande”, 2 inch wide, Y back





1872 Eagle Helmet Plate

Brass reproduction, US Army



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Military Medals

Various, 1860-1919, US Army & USMC



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Shoulder Straps for Officer Rank

Sold in pairs, various company


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Hat Cords

Various Colors




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Brass Hat & Collar Insignia

Various styles and prices



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Enlisted Man’s Chevrons

Sold in pairs! L-R, SGT. MJ, 1ST SGT, Bugler, Color Guard



*Not shown-commissary, baker, saddler, & farrier.  Inquire for unlisted products*


Navy blue and white polka dots





1892 USMC Helmet Plate

Brass reproduction, USMC



1812 Shako Plate

Dragoon reproduction



1804 Shako Plate

Brass reproduction, USMC



Shako Plate

Brass reproduction, US Army



Martingale Shield

Brass reproduction



1859 C.W. Shako Plate

Brass reproduction, USMC

Customized for $39 and Up!

Haversack 1887

Tan, canvas US with shoulder strap



Haversack Sling

Leather adjustable strap for haversack





Civil War/Early IW Haversack

Quality Canvas



Civil War/Early IW Haversack

Black Tarred